NZ Herald: What are the rules of cheating?

When I was five-years-old and at a birthday party my best friend ripped off more wrapping paper than allowed in pass-the-parcel and won the prize. The memory of my molten outrage at his cheating is still vivid. We are hard-wired to detect injustice – and that surge of outrage and pain is always so much worse when the cheater was … Read More

New Years Thoughts

What makes us happy is always a popular topic at this time of year and of course underpins all those New Years resolutions we traditionally make. A recent New Zealand survey (Grouse and Jose, Victoria University, Wellington) demonstrates that the majority of those surveyed considered family the most important reason to live. Relationships with friends and colleagues came next – … Read More

NZ Herald: How to deal with self-absorbed people

My sister-in-law is driving me crazy with her endless need to talk about herself. I am starting to feel like I don’t even exist when I have to relate to her and I am starting to feel very resentful that my life is apparently of no interest at all to her. I think many of us have been through an … Read More

NZ Herald: How to deal with rejection

Why do we feel so down when we get a whiff of rejection? We know in our hearts that we can’t like everyone who likes us – just as everyone we happen to like can’t like us. Remember those agonising days as a school child – cross-legged on the asphalt playground – when you were the last to be picked … Read More

Jill Goldson Awarded LEADR 2014 Practitioner Award

Jill was honoured and very proud to receive the LEADR 2014 Practitioner Award for her contribution to the professional development of others in Family Dispute Resolution. This award highlights Jill’s many years of not only working with families but also her commitment to helping other professionals build upon their existing skills with ongoing professional training, supervision and personalised coaching. Jill … Read More

Children often tell researchers they want a voice – not a choice

The clamour of the election is over and we are now heading towards summer – although it’s still a bit chilly out there – but the summery clothes are in the shops – and so are the Christmas decorations. All of which is a reminder to us all to think about holiday arrangements. This can be especially trying for separated … Read More

Crossing the Divide

Both families and the professionals who work with them are going through changes and transitions in the family law reform environment. Promise and challenge prevail with equal force and we have to find stability in the flux. To let go of the old order and embrace the new. In the aftermath of change there is often a lot of movement … Read More

How Can We More Effectively Listen to Children During Family Disputes?

Reflections on Nationwide Discussions with Anthony Douglas, CEO Cafcass It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work and teach alongside Anthony Douglas, CEO of Cafcass UK (Children and Families Advisory and Support Services), over the last month. Fresh from the UK family law reform environment, Anthony Douglas described to us the work of his organisation, Cafcass with 150,000 … Read More

Anthony Douglas Endorses Jill Goldson

Recognised as a unique expert in listening to the voice of the child during parental conflict, Jill Goldson’s work has recently been endorsed by Anthony Douglas (CBE) who is the CEO of the Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), the largest dispute resolution agency in Europe. Cafcass is based in the UK and works with over 150,000 … Read More