NZ Herald: How shows like The Bachelor trigger thoughts about managing heartbreak


She was the chosen one. From 23 women, Fleur Verhoeven was selected by The Bachelor’s Jordan Mauger as his “true love”. But just 72 hours later, Verhoeven had been dumped.

Relationship expert Jill Goldson shares some advice for those who are struggling in the aftermath of a break up – unexpected or otherwise. Reality TV heartbreaks raise issues about how to manage these emotions in everyday life.

What do we need to know after a break up? When our chemistry is telling us that there was only one person out there for us and they have just vanished?

Being in love can do a lot of really weird things to your body and your brain and the challenge is that you have to keep trying to be functional, despite the seismic shifts and tsunamis of chemicals and hormones.

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