Families and Spider’s Webs

Practitioners and families are watching to see how the family law changes will play out in practice now that we are just a week away from the “go live” date of reforms. How will it be for families who are separating where parents are not agreeing about arrangements? The Minister for Justice, Hon Judith Collins, has reiterated this week that these … Read More

Child Focus and Participation in Family Dispute Resolution

Professional family facilitation is not therapy per se, but is dispute resolution with a therapeutic outcome which prioritises children. – Jill Goldson (2006) Today is Children’s Day in New Zealand and is a good day to highlight the issue of children and their families as the new reforms in family law kick in at the end of March. The New … Read More

Judge Boshier Supports Jill Goldson

Jill also contracts with the Family Court for counselling and is an Expert for the Crown in counselling. Support and backing for her innovative work comes from New Zealand Family Court professionals including Judge Peter Boshier, former Principal Family Court Judge, NZ. You have pioneered children inclusive processes, particularly counselling and mediation. The children in New Zealand are the better … Read More

Helping Our Children to Help Themselves

If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children – Mahatma Ghandi During times of stress and uncertainty, children tend to turn their fear, anger and anxiety inwards. This common reaction often makes it difficult for parents to know that their child is silently crying out for help. How can parents know if their children need … Read More

Interview: Jill Goldson on National Radio

Jill Goldson is interviewed by Katherine Ryan on Nine to Noon, National Radio, 7 February 2012 to discuss her research and its implications for the Family Court.