NZ Herald: 60 minutes saga: The emotional toll on mother

We have heard in the past days that the child abduction charges in Beirut have been dropped against Brisbane mother, Sally Faulkner. In return she has given the father of her children, Ali Elamine, full custody rights to 5-year-old Lahela and 3-year-old Noah. The child abduction saga has spanned two weeks, and highlighted issues ranging from the difficulties Lebanese women … Read More

Crossing the Divide

Both families and the professionals who work with them are going through changes and transitions in the family law reform environment. Promise and challenge prevail with equal force and we have to find stability in the flux. To let go of the old order and embrace the new. In the aftermath of change there is often a lot of movement … Read More

How Can We More Effectively Listen to Children During Family Disputes?

Reflections on Nationwide Discussions with Anthony Douglas, CEO Cafcass It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work and teach alongside Anthony Douglas, CEO of Cafcass UK (Children and Families Advisory and Support Services), over the last month. Fresh from the UK family law reform environment, Anthony Douglas described to us the work of his organisation, Cafcass with 150,000 … Read More

Anthony Douglas Endorses Jill Goldson

Recognised as a unique expert in listening to the voice of the child during parental conflict, Jill Goldson’s work has recently been endorsed by Anthony Douglas (CBE) who is the CEO of the Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), the largest dispute resolution agency in Europe. Cafcass is based in the UK and works with over 150,000 … Read More

Families and Spider’s Webs

Practitioners and families are watching to see how the family law changes will play out in practice now that we are just a week away from the “go live” date of reforms. How will it be for families who are separating where parents are not agreeing about arrangements? The Minister for Justice, Hon Judith Collins, has reiterated this week that these … Read More

Judge Boshier Supports Jill Goldson

Jill also contracts with the Family Court for counselling and is an Expert for the Crown in counselling. Support and backing for her innovative work comes from New Zealand Family Court professionals including Judge Peter Boshier, former Principal Family Court Judge, NZ. You have pioneered children inclusive processes, particularly counselling and mediation. The children in New Zealand are the better … Read More