Dealing with the Christmas season at separation and 10 tips from children

Suddenly all the Christmas decorations are in the shops again – and we are heading out of 2020. And what a year this has been for us all. I am thinking, as I always do, of separated parents and children at this time of year. Especially this year, as I am particularly conscious that anything that might have been going … Read More

Alienation and Christmas time

Most separating parents manage to set aside their own conflicts and put their children’s needs first – and a significant need is for children to have a relationship with both their parents  and their extended families. This of course is highlighted for separated families at Christmas. Regardless whether or not Christmas is a major cultural celebration for a specific family, … Read More

Working with children and separation in groups

‘No man is an island entire of itself,’ wrote the poet John Donne – and don’t we know just how quickly and how fervently children want to connect with others, to identify with people “just like them”. And so this blog is written for those who work with children and who know the exhaustion of finding the time to work … Read More